Hotel Internazionale Cesenatico
The authentic Cesenatico

After arriving at the hotel by car you can park it up and not use it for the rest of your stay. Located in such a prime position in Cesenatico, you have access to all the local sights and attractions with a short walk or by using the hotel’s bicycles.
Our bright white balconies face out towards the sea and the seafront garden park. It is dedicated to Giorgio Ghezzi - an ex-goalkeeper for Inter Milan who was the founder of our Hotel and private beach establishment Bagno 4 Venti.
Walking down the promenade Viale Carducci you arrive at the harbour where you will be able to see the lighthouse and the charismatic traditional fishing cabins. This part of town comes to life once the fishermen and their fishing boats come back with their daily morning catch.
Travelling up the harbour away from the sea you will arrive at the Old Town which is full of history and poetry, the smells of the sea and beautiful places to visit.
You will find a pedestrian ferry-boat transporting you from one canal side to another and plenty of bars, cafes and seafood restaurants. You’ll be able to visit the old fish market and Piazza Pisacane, the Piazzeta delle Conserve (The courtyard of preserves) and the colourful small houses of this area. The Marine museum and the bragozzi - fishing boats typical of the region can be found at the far end of the harbour. You may also spot the church of San Giacomo and the house of Marino Moretti who was a 20th century poet born in Cesenatico.

Enjoy your holiday as a true local and revel in all the local history and scenery.


la bellavita di romagna
The Bellavita in Romagna

This magazine provides our guests with a wonderful guide to not only discovering the most authentic parts of Cesenatico, the Old Town, the many hidden piazze, Leonardo’s Porto Canale, the beaches and parks; but also an insight into the surrounding inland areas which are full of history with beautiful panoramas and a thriving nature. Holidaying at Cesenatico provides you with infinite opportunities to go a little further and discover the hidden gems of the surrounding region of Romagna. Good food, ancient towns and castles, wine cellars and orchards, beauty spots and historical destinations, all scattered across the region's hillsides and waiting to be discovered by you.

The old towns that are strewn across the inland area of Romagna are connected by long roads surrounded by amazing views and nature. They are not ‘too’ far from Cesenatico, however it may be preferable to go by car rather than by bike.

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